Buy Converge’s old touring van!

Buy Converge’s old touring van!

convergevan“Hey Timmy, Sweet van!”

“Thanks, I just bought her. She’s got 225k miles, no 4th bench and some holes in the seats but she runs like a champ.”

“Wow, where’d you buy it?”

“Oh, just off a band you may of heard of called CONVERGE. No big deal.”

Yeah, that could be you… assuming you’re name is Timmy, but you get it. Converge is selling their old touring van and you yourself can buy it and roll around in the stink of all the memories and tour adventures it went through… and then make your own. All you need is $2,500 and shes yours. So if you’re in the market for a tour van or if you have a part time job of shuttling small families to and from the airport, whatever your cause, this van should be yours.

Go to Converge’s myspace blog for more information.

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