Cobra Skulls tour diary a.k.a Bore Journal

Cobra Skulls tour diary a.k.a Bore Journal

Singer and bassist Devin Peralta of the Cobra Skulls has been posting on a tour diary (or bore journal…like war journal…get it?), and it’s a pretty good read.  Check it out here.  Keep in mind too, this is Part 1 of what I assume is a two part endeavor.

Need some motivation?  There’s a Statue of Liberty chihuahua, Devin fucking up half a Nothington set on tour, thievery, generosity, and more than any band’s fair share of van troubles.

Cobra Skulls are currently on tour with Nothington,  supporting their new record “Agitations”, which was released September 27th on Fat Wreck Chords.

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