Dance Gavin Dance announces “Squash The Beef” tour dates

Dance Gavin Dance announces “Squash The Beef” tour dates

rise11Starting September 16th, Dance Gavin Dance is kicking off their 4 week headlining tour around the country with Emarosa, Of Mice and Men and Tides OF Man Of Machines. The tour is being named “Squash The Beef ” which is interesting to me because lead singer of Emarosa, Johnny Craig, was originally the lead singer of Dance Gavin Dance…. Now, I’m not sure what the cause of Johnny leaving DGD was, but perhaps there’s some hidden meaning behind that title. Who knows. Whatever the case is, Johnny is such an amazing vocalist I wouldn’t care if he was just singing in Mentos commercials- I’d still Tivo that sh*t.

Anyway, check out when and where the tour will take place by running over to Dance Gavin Dance’s Dying Scene Shows page and don’t forget to mark your calendars!

DGD’s last album “Happiness” came out last June on Rise Records.

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