DS Exclusive Album Stream: Cambridge – “This Is Not A Victory”

DS Exclusive Album Stream: Cambridge – “This Is Not A Victory”

Tomorrow Vancouver BC’s Cambridge is dropping their latest political punk rock gem in the form of a brand new full-length album – This Is Not A Victory.  The release will be available via Rebel Time Records and although you can’t get your grubby little hands on it until tomorrow, you can in fact find out what the album sounds like today.  That’s because Dying Scene is stoked to be streaming the entire album for you all right here, right now.  Hey oh!

Stop reading!  Go give it a listen.

[Audio:01-Kubark.mp3, 02-PNS.mp3, 03-Hole-In-The-Ground.mp3, 04-The-Neverending-Story.mp3, 05-Anymore.mp3, 06-Middle-Of-Nowhere.mp3, 07-Broken-Watch.mp3, 08-Bush-Haters.mp3, 09-Its-All-Over-Man.mp3, 10-10000-Shares.mp3|titles=Kubark, PNS, Hole In The Ground, The Neverending Story, Anymore, Middle Of Nowhere, Broken Watch, Bush Haters, It’s All Over Man, 10,000 Shares|artists=]

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