DS Exclusive Album Stream: Small Town Riot – “Fuck Those Who Go Untried”

DS Exclusive Album Stream: Small Town Riot – “Fuck Those Who Go Untried”

Today we here at Dying Scene are excited to bring you a full album stream of street-punk goodness from all the way across the pond.  Small Town Riot hail from Germany and their latest release titled Fuck Those Who Go Untried is a compilation of greatest hits from the band’s earlier European releases. Give it a listen here.

Fuck Those Who Go Untried hit stores here in the US earlier this week via Warbird Entertainment.

[Audio:01-Burning-Flags.mp3, 02-How-Can-You-Say.mp3, 03-Leave-It-All-Behind.mp3, 04-Backstreet-Story.mp3, 05-Working-Class-Family.mp3, 06-Spit-Me-Out.mp3, 07-Living-Hell.mp3, 08-Addicted-To-Authority.mp3, 09-Sphinx.mp3, 10-Fuck-Those-Who-Go-Untried.mp3, 11-Working-Class.mp3, 12-Madness.mp3, 13-Timmy.mp3, 14-Cheers-And-Goodbye.mp3, 15-Its-True.mp3, 16-Cemetary-Hall.mp3, 17-Rude-Boy.mp3, 18-Peer-52.mp3, 19-Get-Up.mp3|titles=Burning Flags, How Can You Say, Leave It All Behind, Backstreet Story, Working Class Family, Spit Me Out, Living Hell, Addicted To Authority, Shpinx, Fuck Those Who Go Untried, Working Class, Madness, Timmy, Cheers And Goodbye, It’s True, Cemetary Hall, Rude Boy, Peer 52, Get Up|artists=]

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