DS Exclusive: Love Like Fiction Stream Debut EP, “Summer Daze”, with Track-by-Track Breakdown

DS Exclusive: Love Like Fiction Stream Debut EP, “Summer Daze”, with Track-by-Track Breakdown

Ahoy, pop punk lovers! Dying Scene is back atcha’ with new music that amounts to a clever misdirection maybe, but never a waste of time. Love Like Fiction are streaming their debut EP, Summer Daze, for fans of unique lyricism and skillful harmonious melodies. Pop punk and emo fans are sure to love this new six-track EP. Love Like Fiction draws some pretty definite inspiration from bands like New Fond Glory, but with perhaps a Boy’s Night Out approach. They’ve shared the stage with such notable acts including Sum 41 and SWMRS. The new self-released EP is available now on all major streaming services.

Below they’ve included a track by track breakdown for each song on the EP. Enjoy!

Sounds Of City Streets EP


Subject To Change

Subject to Change is truly a reflection of its title; constantly evolving throughout the song to culminate in an anthem for change. We took extra care in the studio to bring this concept to life. We wanted this track to sound big, so we paid a lot of attention to the intro and how it gradually builds into the song. We also made sure that the lyrics showcased an internal struggle with an emphasis on positive resolution. The inspiration for this song was truly and unequivocally our band and the family that we’ve created. The most important message here, however, is that we are all capable of growth. Look to those you love when you feel lost, find strength in them and find comfort in knowing that we are all subject to change.

Kiss Me, I’m Contagious

Kiss Me, I’m Contagious is a bit of an enigma even to the band. It is simultaneously a letter to an estranged lover and also a reminder to oneself that nothing lasts forever, be it sadness or bliss. We really let our creativity fly on this song. This comes out in the recording as steady rises and falls throughout the song which are a direct reflection of the lyrical content. The inspiration for this track, as is the theme with much of our music, is self realization and the potential for growth. What started as a sort of jab at a member’s past relationship quickly evolved into the questioning of what it means to be lost inside that pain, or to be blissfully ignorant of your surroundings. This coalesced into the song as it is today; an expression of self realization and the beginning of a journey into something greater.

Sad Soundtrack Pt. 5

Sad Soundtrack Pt. 5 is an ode to the feeling of loss. This song was written with the pain of a toxic relationship in mind, and the aftermath that a messy breakup brings. The recording reflects the melancholy nature of this track and we utilized acoustic guitar along with some solo vocals to really drive this point home. As I’ve mentioned, the inspiration for this song was a personal experience of one of our members. The pain of not knowing, the anger and the sadness that comes with loss and the numbness that we all sometimes feel in response to these things are what make up the majority of the song. We want our listeners to be able to identify with our music, but we also want them to know they aren’t alone and that these feelings are temporary. Loss is a part of life, but the hurt won’t last forever.

Branded On His Chest

Branded On His Chest is, at its core, a love song written about two people who are miles apart yet still deeply in love. To best represent this type of love, we opted to fill our lyrics and instrumentation with as much hope as possible. This is evidenced by the slow, soft start to the song and the build up into a high energy chorus and verse. The true inspiration for this song was one of our members and the challenges they faced in a new relationship when separated by state lines. Love is so complex that we couldn’t begin to imagine taking hold of every intricate piece, but when you are in the middle of it, inspiration is abundant. We wanted to capture as much of that as possible and turn it into something beautiful, something simple and emotional. This song was born out of love and we hope it inspires others to love freely and openly, regardless of the challenges they face.

Summer Daze

Summer Daze is best described as an upbeat jam with somber undertones. We recorded this song with those elements in mind, making sure to capture the meaning behind the music with some poppy synth notes and a driving lead guitar riff in both the intro and the chorus. The main inspiration of Summer Daze is the concept of personal growth and positivity, however it also stands as a huge thank you to all of our fans and their unrelenting support. We want this song to be a fun summer tune, but we also want it to represent hope in the face of the daily struggles we all face. Keep true to yourself, always look for new ways to grow and remember to have fun!

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