DS Exclusive: The Muslims premiere “Fuck the Cistem” off upcoming album, “Mayo Supreme”

DS Exclusive: The Muslims premiere “Fuck the Cistem” off upcoming album, “Mayo Supreme”

April 1st is going to be a good day for punk rock… “Why?” you ask… Stream Exhibit A (with full story) below

The Muslims are an all Islamic black and brown gender-queer hardcore punk band from Durham, North Carolina. They will be releasing their sophomore album, Mayo Supreme, on Don’t Panic Records and Distro on April 1st. Now before we get to the meaning behind that album-title, I know I’ve already said a mouthful here, and whether you find that bite easy to swallow or not, why not try this on for size? “You think your big ass dick can change me, you must be out yo’ mind. I’ve been eating pussy for so long, I can’t fucking see right.” Those are some of the lyrics taken from the song “Bismallah” featured on The Muslims first self-titled record available here, and I have to admit I find that to be highly-relatable content, although my initial response hearing them for the first time was precisely, “She said whaaaa?” I’ve since listened to that song on repeat, and shown most of my friend(s). It’s my favorite song on the record.

The upcoming release Mayo Supreme is a highly poignant and satirical social commentary that drives you home late at night and spits in your mouth just the way you know you’ve always wanted it to. The title itself alludes to the ever-growing and presidentially-backed white nationalist movement and those known associates propensity towards bolillo with extra mayo.

By now in this article, I imagine it’s safe to use the term “Libertaritard” free of backlash or repercussion since they’ve probably all gone anyway, but if you’re one of the brave few willing to stick it out with the rest of us, relax. As the general context of the band should already imply, Mayo Supreme is anything but PC, and we all know how much you’ve been begging for that… or maybe I’m just projecting. (wipe your cheek, there’s a smudge of nationalism there… i.e. not humanist)

When I found The Muslims in my inbox, I was initially delegated the task of premiering track 2 on the album, “Ya’ Late”, which is a not so subtle call-out to the new wave of “woke” homies that all-of-a-sudden realized racism is still a thing… and for those who still deny it, well… with easy evidence conveyed in our histories and oppressive divisiveness so normalized in popular culture, they must have just missed the memo, but I digress. Back to teasing you with the incredible fucking punk rock blitzkrieg that is “Ya’ Late”, because as the story goes, that’s not the song Dying Scene is featuring today. You see? I got to listen to the whole album, and let me just go ahead and say this right here, Mayo Supreme could very well be the best punk album of 2019, and if not that, I find it hard to believe that this paroxysm of malice doesn’t make it into my top three.

No, as the story goes, I happened to mention that I really liked the third track on the album, “Fuck the Cistem”, and everyone else kind of just hopped on board. It was my first favorite, and one that immediately jumped out and made an impression on me – garbage fucking delinquent with a garbage fucking attitude I am. It’s no secret to me that men are trash. “I’ll pay for dinner nigga’, I’ll hold the door you cracker!” (Then I went back and listened to their old stuff.) This is right around the time I was asking if their would be a vinyl release, which sadly there will not be. (Limited pressing of 100 cds + digital orders available here.)

Guitarist and lead singer QADR lays it the fuck out with a reverborous 70’s punk and roll vocal quality. She’s listed on their site as “vicious lyrical demon; belligerent content curator, vocalist & guitarist of The Muslims. Givin’ zero fucks and stealing yer wives since birth.” Oh, and she can rap like goddamn Zack de la Rocha! But you are going to have to wait on those tasteful hip hop infusions for the rest of the album. I’m teasing again. You know, you young dying scenesters really are missing out.

Bassist Abu Shea, “badass babygay, cute-face bassist of The Muslims. Been servin’ whole grain life slices of musical genius since 8yrs old, [and] best teeth in NC.” is damn good. Those slices of musical genius come with a complimentary head bob and awe-presipitating perplexity. Get served up!

While drummer Farah BahBah gets his due props and definitly “doesn’t drive for Lyft. Servin’ up the sweetest fake smiles in the band; hot guy drummer of The Muslims. Voted best drummer of 2020,” and I believe it.

Listen to The Muslims. And a little note to everyone out there; don’t be a dick, because if you do-do one of these Muslims might come and kick your fucking ass.

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