Free “Ramonescore” Comp Download: “Tales From The Pop-Punk World Vol.2” (183 songs!)

Free “Ramonescore” Comp Download: “Tales From The Pop-Punk World Vol.2” (183 songs!)

Ramone To The Bone Records, is currently streaming and offering for free download one HELL-OF-A-MONSTER compilation entitled “Tales From The Pop-Punk World Vol.2”, which include 183 pop-punk tracks.  It features bands such as The Capitalist Kids, The Lemonaids, Antennas, The Prozacs, The Nailheads, Global Affront…and wayyyyy more.

Here’s what the label had to say about the compilation:

In the beginning of RTTB many people said that we would destroy the scene. Now, nearly 5 years later we have the chance to release this monster compilation as our gift to the pop punk community. We’re only interested in giving bands the chance to share their music with fans, other bands, and anyone who loves pop punk. RTTB’s passion for this music means we want to let people in the pop punk community know that there’s a lot of us out there, even if each of us thinks that we’re the only one’s who are still inspired by the spirit of the Ramones. We’re trying to let bands, fans and labels know about each other and to build bridges between people from around the world.

Stream or download the whole thing below.

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