Hit The Switch: new album already?

Hit The Switch: new album already?

nitro5Another story with no facts and almost no details.  Nothing but hearsay and rumors today…

Chino punk rock act Hit The Switch might begin writing a new record, which is interesting considering they self-released their full-length “Observing Infinities” only 3 months ago.  This is from the band’s blog.  Make of it what you will:

Heyyy so its been pretty grim here at HTS camp…Food is scarce, morale is low, the weather is extremely hot, and the local tribes are closing in…I see a european tour in the heart of winter, gives us hope….Still, reluctantly decide we must prepare for the worst…Surrender is not an option, new record must be written in great haste.

Before “Observing Infinities”, Hit The Switch released “Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice” on Nitro Records back in 2o06.  Now that was a damn good album.

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