Nicolas Merritt: 7 year old punk rocker

Nicolas Merritt: 7 year old punk rocker

nicolasIf there’s any indication that Punk Rock is not a dying scene, nowhere is it more evident than in the tunes of 7 year old punk rocker, Nicolas Merritt.

Born in San Diego, California, Nicolas exhibited his first punk rock inclinations when he began playing the drums at 18 months old.  Sitting on the lap of the drummer in his dad’s own punk band 16 Hour Drive, Nicolas would keep time on the high hat and snare, and by the time he was 8 months old he received his very own, junior kit.  At six he had upgraded to an Orange County Percussion kit and had already begun coming up with lyrics and melodies for songs of his own.

It wasn’t long afterward that while 16 Hour Drive were in San Diego mixing/mastering their “Anti-Social” album Nicolas came up with his first song, Rockstar In My Head.  It was then that the 16 Hour Drive album producer, who had known Nicolas since he was born, told father and son that they should start working on some songs with Nicolas laying down the drums and vocals.

Fast forward a few months and Nicolas already has 10 songs completed for his very first full-length album.  Nicolas plays all the drums to a click track and does all the vocals, as well as his own background vocals.  Says Nicolas’ dad, Chad Merritt, “I do the guitars and bass for him but he tells me what he wants and how he wants the chord progressions.  The next step is to start teaching him guitar and bass!”  Videos of Nicolas laying down vocals and jamming on the drums can be found here.

The coming album, titled Punk Rock Elementary, should be finished by the end of this year or the first part of Jan 2010 but you can preview a couple of the tracks right now on Nicolas’ MySpace page.

Our hat goes off to both Nicolas and his father, Chad, for keeping the scene alive and we look forward to hearing more in the future!


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