No Idea Records giving away free download of their sampler “Pretend Record #2”

No Idea Records giving away free download of their sampler “Pretend Record #2”

no-idea-records-logo2You might not be able to watch it spin, hand number it, or auction it, but you can LISTEN to it.  For free.  No Idea Records is giving away a free download of their latest compilation, which they’ve aptly dubbed their “Pretend Record”.  The download features songs by Gatorace, Assholeparade, The Dopamines and more.  For a full track list check out the Full Story page.

Download away right here.

1. GATORFACE “The Cleaner” (From “Wasted Monuments” on NO IDEA)
2. ASSHOLEPARADE “Big Death” (From “Welcome Fucking Home” on NO IDEA)
3. THE DOPAMINES “October 24th” (From THE COPYRIGHTS split on IT’S ALIVE)
4. WORN IN RED “Piled Like Bricks” (From “In the Offing” on NO IDEA)
5. FIYA “King” (From “Magic Words” on NO IDEA)
6. THE BANANAS “Radio Action” (From “New Animals” on RECESS)
7. PSYCHED TO DIE “Conditioned to Fail” (From “Year One” on DIRTNAP)
8. DEAR LANDLORD “Heartbroken Handshakes” (From “Dream Homes” first-press LP on NO IDEA)
9. TUBERS “Pale Sunbather” (From “Anachronous” on NO IDEA / BAKERY OUTLET / ECHO CANYON)
10. HELLO SHITTY PEOPLE “The Doppelganger of Chris Elliott” (From “Hello Shitty People” on 1-2-3-4 GO!)
11. SHANG-A-LANG “Best Intentions” (From “Sad Magic” on FAST CROWD)
12. WHISKEY TRENCH “Break Me Down” (From “Television” on KISS OF DEATH)
13. CITY OF SHIPS “March of the Slaves” (From “Look What God Did to Us” on SOUND STUDY)
14. STREET EATERS “Useless Eyes” (From “We See Monsters” on BAKERY OUTLET)
15. P.S. ELIOT “Augustus” (From “Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds” on SALINAS)

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