The Boils come to an end

The Boils come to an end

tko1After many years, and many member changes, The Boils have decided to put their band to rest. According to their blog, they aren’t playing a last show..because they plan on doing a show yearly, or once every couple years (or once in a blue moon) with the old members. Greg Boil (vocals) did say that together with Chris (drums) and Eric (guitar), there would be the formation of a new band. Apparently they have already recorded a bunch of songs in the studio and they don’t want all that hard work going to waste….so a new band it is! Obviously I’m giving the cliff notes version, so if you want all the details, you can check out what Greg said right here.

The Boils released their last album, “The Orange And The Black” in 2007 on TKO Records.

Laying The Boils to Rest..what the future holds and doesn’t hold
There won’t be a last show. But for the most part, The Boils won’t be playing anymore when 2009 wraps up.
It has been my honor to have played with incredible people and musicians over the years, way back to the early days when none other than my own brother played drums for us. The latest line up is no exception. As we toured the West Coast in July; the newest line up, most of which is a couple years old, got tighter and tighter as the tour grinded on.

The burden upon new members has always been that one guy at some show…calling out some old, random song, that either the new guys haven’t learned to play, or I was so tired of playing it that I steered us into a different direction when those songs would come up at practice. Or our friends across the country, who don’t witness line up changes as gradually as our friends in Philly have, who see us after a couple years and say…”Who’s THAT guy???” It is not a fair burden to have on my new guys, plus….I’m bored of carrying around 12+ years of material.

Former members made some really incredible contributions to The Boils. I’ve played with so many people….it’d take up alot of space here. Warren on Pride and Persecution, Jeff, Dan, my brother…Someday I’m going to draw up a Boils family tree. But for now, there are two people I need to recognize in this public forum. Mike Bardzik, who still records us at Second Story Sound studios, joined the band weeks before we toured Japan in 2003. He was on From The Bleachers and Hockey Anthems, and has continued to pour blood and sweat into The Boils long after he was actually playing with us. And Dave Sausage, who has been playing in recent years with Blacklisted, was probably the longest running Boils member, other than myself. He was not only on Bleachers, Hockey Anthems, but also on Pride, and probably other shit I’m forgetting. Both of these guys journeyed through the highs and lows of being not only in the band, but being the closest of my friends.

Although these guys supported me in continuing on with the Boils after their departures, i feel it is a fitting tribute to them to let the operation now rest.

There are friends I have made with people across the world by doing the Boils. There are bands who were an inspiration to me who became my family.On that note, I need to also mention Mark at TKO records. The Boils did some pretty cool stuff, but being a part of the TKO roster of bands was one of our finest accomplishments. I feel it is a tribute to Mark Rainey for our final releases to have been with TKO.

There have been many changes in the “music world” since we started in the mid to late 90’s. We used to get postal mail, there wasn’t a myspace, seven inches were cool, then they weren’t cool, and now they’re cool again. As the faces in the band have changed, so too have my own philosophies changed in regards to doing a punk band…for the better, I feel.

So here is what I anticipate the future to hold.

With chris and eric, I have recorded about 30 songs in the studio that will mark the beginning of a new band. The songs at this time (August, 2009) are still in production. The three of us will be doing this with other people possibly as well. As soon as we are settled on a name and have some music to post, I will put my new band’s myspace page on The Boils top list. I probably won’t post many bulletins about it though…I want it to exist on its own merit.

What i can tell you about the new band is we don’t plan on doing full lengths, but we plan to be releasing 7”s, and having our stuff be available online as well. We will include digital drop cards in our vinyl releases, and we will be posting on myspace when we have new seven inches… people (if interested) can choose to order a record or just get the songs online.

As for THE BOILS, we will continue playing a few shows throughout 2009 until I get the new band completely underway.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT???? Well, we aren’t going to have a last show. That’s because i anticipate that The Boils will play maybe once a year, or once every two years for something special. That doesn’t mean it has to be some Holidays in Hell festival…just something fun when we decide to get together. Hopefully i’ll be doing it in cooperation with some former members as well. But on a regular basis, The Boils will not be playing as of the end of this year. (2009)

The Philadelphia Flyers are committed to using “The orange and the black” as their victory song at the Wachovia center. I will continue to check this page, albeit a little less frequently than usual, as my new band will be my priority. But i’ll always check this page to stay in touch with our regular fans and friends, and the fans and friends we’ve made from our involvement with the Flyers.

As far as merchandise goes, we are still trying to recoup our losses from our West Coast tour. I hate to insert an ad here, but please check out the “merch” picture album on our page. These are the final Boils items that we will have available. Although the music will continue to be online, Cds probably won’t be repressed, and who knows…maybe CDs will be cool again someday! So please check out some stuff from us in the merch picture album…shirts are definately in limited supply, and the Pride and Persecutuion CD has run really, really low…so please check it out. Pay pal info is under the pics….make sure in your paypal transaction you list items and sizes so we know what you’re paying for, and that your paypal address is also your current mailing address.

What can I say???? From the kids at Stalag 13 years ago to the kids at Gilman this past summer…From my GMM records family at The Beer Olympics down in Atlanta to our TKO Family on the West Coast…from our friends in Boston to the Fresno crew… to the good people in Sacto.,.to everyone up and down the East Coast over the years…..people who booked us from Maine to Miami.


“in name and blood, we’ve all carried on to see to it,
in name and blood, that the spirit, will live on….”


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