Ticket Giveaways for upcoming Gaslight Anthem’s tour

Ticket Giveaways for upcoming Gaslight Anthem’s tour

sideone11So apparently The Gaslight Anthem are giving out a pair of tickets for each date on their upcoming tour with Murder By Death, The Loved Ones, Frank Turner, and Broadway Calls. Check for the details here and you can win a pair of tickets.

You can look up the the dates to see if they are playing near you.

1. Purchase anything in the Vinyl Collective store by any of the bands on this tour. This includes releases by The Gaslight Anthem, Murder by Death, Loved Ones, Ninja Gun, Frank Turner, Broadway Calls, and/or the Measure SA. Either search for one of the artists in our store or follow this link which has releases by all the bands on this tour.
2. Email Seabron (seabron@suburbanhomerecords.com) your Checkout Complete email and in the subject of that email list one of the cities and the date you would like to win a pair of tickets to (refer to the list below).
3. Seabron each week will announce the winners. The first announcement will come Monday, September 7th. Seabron will email the winners letting them know and we will post the winners each week on the blog and message board.

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