YouTube bans videos from SST artists

YouTube bans videos from SST artists

In recent months there have been a slew of takedowns under the Digital Millennium Copyright Acton YouTube affecting numerous punk bands. Once a video has a copyright infringement claim against it, it is removed from the site. Apparently SST Records – a label owned by Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn and also the home of the Descendents, Hüsker Dü, the Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Lawndale, Saint Vitus, Overkill (not to be confused with the legendary thrash metal band) and others – has been utilizing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to claim copyright infringement on a vast number of videos that utilize brief clips of music from Black Flag, including skateboard videos made by fans.

However, SST has also claimed multiple copyright ownership of videos featuring bands that aren’t associated with the label, including X, Fear, Sin 34, Lower Class Brats, Puzzled Panthers, and The Adolescents. Also affected, videos made by fans under Fair Use, utilizing snippets of songs.

You can read what Lisa Derrick at has to say about the incident.

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