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Dial Drive

Dial Drive
Hometown: Orlando, Florida Current Label: A Jam Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Jake LeDrew – Guitar & Vocals
Nathan Durazzo – Better Guitar & Vocals
Tim Bruder – Bass & Vocals
AJ Ferrara – Drums

Dial Drive Bio:

Step into Will's Pub on a Saturday night and the crowd is jumping along, fists in the air, smiling and singing with a raised beer about a fat cat; you've just stepped into a Dial Drive show! Dial Drive was started in late 2016 by Jake LeDrew and Nathan Durazzo. The two blended their favorite genres of music and began writing their ideas acoustically. As soon as a full lineup was formed, Jake LeDrew, Nathan Durazzo, AJ Ferrara, and Brian "Le'Jit Tigglers" Fenley, they began to play constantly throughout the state of Florida. Early in 2017 Dial Drive released their first EP "Never Go Home" which was an instant hit with it's catchy songs, and dual vocalists spitting fire on the mic! The flow between Jake and Nate from guitar and vocals is pure electricity! From the quick machine gunning verses into the full blown scream-it-out loud chorus, it is pure magic on stage. Dial Drive blends pop punk instrumental elements into both party driven as well as serious emotional lyrics. Their live shows are known to make people want to move around and grab another drink.

Starting in late 2017, the band acquired Tim Bruder on bass and started on their first South East Tour. In 2018 Dial Drive has been pushing from the start of the year. From releasing their second EP "Viva Le'Jit", constant shows throughout FL, and their recent East Coast Tour, they are working nonstop. In June they signed with A Jam Records and are going back out on the road for their Midwest Tour in support of their EP "Viva Le'Jit" as well as hitting the studios late in the year. There doesn’t seem to be any sight of them slowing down as they continue to record music and book US tours. Dial Drive is the shock to the system in your speakers that you've been waiting for and has arrived!

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