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Gods of Mount Olympus

Gods of Mount Olympus
Hometown: Leucadia, California Current Label: Bird Attack Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Brian Wahlstrom, Steve Morris, Matt Riddle, Paul Rucker

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Gods of Mount Olympus originally formed as a duo when Brian Wahlstrom met Paul Rucker through mutual friend, Joey Cape of Lagwagon. Wahlstrom, a founding member of Scorpios and keyboardist for Joey Cape’s solo projects, was writing songs that required aggressive piano and fast and heavy drums. Realizing the sound was not complete without guitars, Brian reached out to his neighbor, Steve Morris (Unwritten Law) and most recently Matt Riddle (No Use for a Name) to play bass. The band is best defined as piano-centric, punk rock jazz...AKA “Billy Joel on Speed”. With a lineup stacked with punk rock veterans, united by a completely original sound, this project has all the ingredients for greatness.

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