DS Record Radar: This Week in Punk Vinyl (ALL “Problematic” reissue, Pulley, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards & more)

Greetings, and welcome to the Dying Scene Record Radar. If it’s your first time here, thank you for joining us! This is the weekly* column where we cover all things punk rock vinyl; new releases, reissues… you name it, we’ve probably got it. Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and break out those wallets, because it’s go time. Let’s get into it!

Check out the video edition of this week’s Record Radar, presented by our friends at Punk Rock Radar:

All? NO! ALL! ALL’s latest album, 2000’s Problematic, is back in print! Four snazzy new color variants: yellow w/ red splatter (1,000 copies, buy here), blue w/ yellow splatter (300 copies, buy here), red in neon yellow (300 copies, buy here), and neon yellow (? copies, EU indie variant). If you don’t care about color variants, you can get this on black wax for $10(!!!) on Amazon right now. Yes, you’re reading that right, 10 bucks for an LP in 2023!

Here’s a weird one… AFI’s Crash Love hasn’t gotten an official repress since its original release in 2009 (I can already hear you crying “b-b-but AFI isn’t punk!!!!!” – save your breath, nobody fucking cares). Recently, a bunch of e-tailers launched pre-orders for a new pressing. Some bill it as an official release, others say it’s an Import, which is basically a nicer way to say “this shit’s counterfeit”. There were a lot of places to buy this last week, but not it seems Loud Pizza (US) and Le Noise (Canada) are the only stores with it still listed.

The Suicide Machines 2xLP rarities compilation On The Eve Of Destruction 1991-1995 is getting a new pressing from Asbestos Records. There are 500 copies spread across two color variants: blue/black split and red/black split. Get it here. There’s a few copies of the last pressing still available here as well.

Two cool new represses from Pirates Press Records this week. Up first is Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards’ 2004 LP Viking. 500 copies on black and blood red striped colored vinyl. Get it here.

Also from Pirates Press: A sweet new color variant for The SlackersWasted Days! 1,000 copies on beautiful neon green w/ black splatter colored wax. Get it here.

Alright, let’s take a lil break from all the represses and reissues, and talk about some new records! Have you heard about Snuff’s new album Come On If You Think You’re Rachmaininoff? No? Well, it’s an acoustic album, and it’s due out June 9th on SBÄM Records. Check out the new acoustic version of “One of those Days” below, and pre-order the LP on one of two very colorful splatter variants here (EU) / here (AUS).

Here’s a new release that seemingly came out of nowhere. Step aside “The Decline”, Italian melodic punks LineOut’s new album Andromeda is one continuous 52-minute long song, and it’s fucking bad ass. Check that shit out below and grab the record here. These guys are killer – highly recommended listening!

Mama mia! It’s another new release from an awesome Italian punk band! All Coasted’s new EP Never Ending Puppet Show releases June 9th (that’s next Friday!) on Striped Records. Check out the latest single & pre-order the record here.

And while you’re on Striped Records’ webstore pre-ordering that All Coasted record, grab this new pressing of The Manges & The Queers Acid Beaters split LP. Limited to 500 copies on red wax, just in time for its 20th anniversary. Get it here.

In case you haven’t already heard, Rancid has a new album out; it’s called Tomorrow Never Comes. Anywho, Epitaph’s ever-creative marketing department has found a way to offload some black wax onto you sick variant addicts. How? By screen printing a bunch of jackets with an alternate cover to house 2,000 black vinyl copies. And somehow these are worth 12 bucks more than a standard black copy! I don’t play this game, but maybe you do. Fork over your cash here, suckers.

We’ll get back to some more new releases in a bit, here’s some more new pressings of old shit. Dischord Records has repressed Fugazi’s Red Medicine on an undisclosed number of pieces of red vinyl. Get it here.

Dischord has also repressed Minor Threat’s Out of Step on an undisclosed number of white colored LPs. Very cool! Get it here.

DustyWax Records gave Pulley‘s Matters and Together Again for the First Time their first-ever vinyl releases in 2020 (that dreaded year seems like an eternity ago, doesn’t it?). Those sold out pretty fast, so they’ve issued a second pressing. There are three color variants for both LPs, each limited to 100 copies. The DustyWax webstore has its own exclusive variants, as well as Thousand Islands Records and Bearded Punk Records‘ respective online stores.

Australian punk veterans Bodjyar‘s 1998 album No Touch Red is getting a 25th Anniversary reissue, with 150 copies on translucent red vinyl and another 150 copies on “ultra clear” colored vinyl. Get ’em here.

Back in print for the first time in 17 years, Avail’s 4AM Friday is getting reissued as a Double LP with the second LP featuring a 15-song live set recorded at San Fransisco’s Bottom of the Hill in 1997. The orange w/ black splatter variant is limited to 488 copies and is available here. You can also get it on black vinyl here.

Pennywise’s From the Ashes turns 20 this year, and it’s getting reissued for the first time ever! There are 500 copies on “spring green w/ tangerine splatter” colored wax (Epitaph US store), as well as 300 copies on clear w/ black and orange splatter (Epitaph EU store), and you know our buddies at Newbury Comics had to get in on the action with their own $34 variant. Also available on black vinyl on Amazon for the more frugal minded (shoutout to my dawg Jeffy B).

Let’s wrap things up with some new releases, shall we? TV Cult is a relatively new band from Cologne, Germany that plays “80s Infused Brutal Post-Punk” (their words, not mine). Their debut album Colony is due out November 24th on Flight 13 Records. Check out the lead single “Party’s Over” below and pre-order the LP on “transparent petrol” colored vinyl here.

And last but not least, we have a new band with some familiar faces. Lektron is fronted by Alkaline Trio‘s Matt Skiba, who is joined by drummer Atom Willard (Rocket from the Crypt, Against Me!, Angels & Airwaves, etc.) and AFI’s Hunter Burgan. Their debut 2-song 12″ is out now on Asian Man Records, and it’s already sold out. Listen below and lookout for a full-length album at some point.

Well, that’s all, folks. Another Record Radar in the books. As always, thank you for tuning in. If there’s anything we missed (highly likely), or if you want to let everyone know about a new/upcoming vinyl release you’re excited about, leave us a comment below, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll look into it. Enjoy your weekend, and don’t blow too much money on spinny discs (or do, I’m not your father). See ya next week!

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