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BYO started in '79 as a reaction against police violence, outside exploitation & a general negative outlook held against the Punk/alternative music scene in Los Angeles, CA. At the time it was just ideas from a bunch of idealistic kids, but after running a big house called "Skinhead Manor" in Hollywood during the summer of '80, a place where kids from all over Southern California met and exchanged ideas, the group was able to run a rather large nightclub called Godzilla's for about three months during late fall/winter in '81/'82. This gave them the incentive and the capital to promote shows at larger venues such as the Hollywood Palladium, Florentine Gardens, and various other halls around Southern California. From the success of promoting shows, BYO released it's first LP, "Someone Got Their Head Kicked In," a compilation featuring some of the best bands from Southern California. Among those included were Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Adolescents, and Youth Brigade, and to this day that album is still considered one of the best representations of Southern California's early 80's punk forward to today, and BYO has had the great fortune of working with some of the greatest punk bands on the planet. With a current rosters of Throw Rag, The Briefs, Leatherface, Nothington, Fithy Thieving Bastards, Wednesday Night Heroes, and of course, Youth Brigade to name a few, we strive to keep it real and of course, keep it PUNK!!!!!

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  1. DS Interview: Mark Stern on putting together nineteen years of Punk Rock Bowling - PUNX.UK6/8/2017 12:07 PM | Permalink

    […] In a lot of ways, Punk Rock Bowling has become the little festival that could. What started as a small, festival and scratch bowling tourney between¬†labels and scene friends has grown to over a thousand bowlers and seemingly as many bands spread across venues of all shapes and sizes in three different states on back-to-back-to-back weekends.¬†Steering the shop the whole time has been the same dynamic duo, brothers Shawn and Mark Stern (pictured above), whom you probably know are also the longtime core members of seminal punk band Youth Brigade and co-founders of BYO Records. […]

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