Save Ferris’ Monique Powell retaliates against former bandmates

Even after just one “reunion show” last weekend, drama and criticism over Monique Powell’s use of the Save Ferris name have continued to grow. Well, this time, Powell has responded to the lawsuit filed by her former bandmates, insisting that the band belongs to her and she is the sole owner of the band’s name, despite the fact that she did not actually join until original singer Adrienne Knolff left in 1995. She also claims that Save Ferris never disbanded and that the members just chose to leave.

Powell also states that she wants the court to dismiss the lawsuit and grant her full use of the Save Ferris name.

Save Ferris released their last studio album, Modified, in 1999 on Epic Records. The band officially broke up four years later.

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  1. deathknowsme
    Deathknowsme8/6/2013 7:40 PM | Permalink

    No one in this economy can afford to spend money on ska music. Given time, this problem will work itself out.

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