Punk Rock Trivia: Dexter Holland and Greg Kriesel before The Offspring

Punk Rock Trivia: Dexter Holland and Greg Kriesel before The Offspring

Every once in a while the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene unleash a tasty little nugget of punk rock trivia in an effort to blow our readers’ minds. Also, we like to make ourselves feel smart. Today’s fun factoid is about a name that The Offspring were known as in their early days.

The Offspring’s roots go back to the early to mid 1980s, when frontman/guitarist Dexter Holland bassist Greg Kriesel began making music together under the name Manic Subsidal. Unlike The Offspring, however, they haven’t released any records, but they had recorded some demos, including the one from 1986, which surfaced on the internet last June. Although the band claims that they formed after attending a Social Distortion concert in 1984, an earlier incarnation had existed around 1983 with Dexter on drums and Greg on bass. Fifteen months after their formation, Dexter changed his role from drums to guitar and vocals, and James Lilja took over the drums. They also hired Doug Thompson as the new singer and former school janitor Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman as their second guitarist. Unfortunately, this lineup didn’t last as Lilja temporarily left the band and was replaced by Thompson’s friend Jim Benton. Another lineup change eventually took place when Thompson and Benton left the band, which prompted Dexter to become a permanent singer and Lilja to rejoin. By 1986, Manic Subsidal had changed their name to The Offspring. The rest was history.

You can click here to listen to some awesome tunes by Manic Subsidal. One time, I saw a fan say that Dexter sounds like Jack Grisham from TSOL.

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