Ironhide, Totally Unicorn and fans get totally screwed over

Brisbane metal band Ironhide and Sydney dwelling hardcore band Totally Unicorn have been ripped off at the hands of fraudulent label operator, Iain Gilbert. Iain Gilbert who was the supposed head of start-up label, Six Nightmares Productions has failed to come through on constant promises of vinyl pressings for the bands and has since disappeared with the money that was collected for pre-orders of both Ironhide’s “Create/Collapse/Repeat” and Totally Unicorns “Horse Hugger”.

Here is an excerpt from the statement released by Ironhide:

“When something seems too good to be true, it probably is. After months of continual lies from Iain Gilbert, it has become apparent within the last couple of days that Six Nightmares Productions will never come good on their promise of both the Ironhide Create/Collapse/Repeat 12” and Totally Unicorn Horse Hugger 10” that you good people have unfortunately pre-ordered. The Ironhide release wasn’t ready for the launch shows, and despite the huge pile of lies we had to wade through to get an answer on why, we decided to give them another chance, given that the Unicorn release tour was coming up, they were already locked into it, and we were promised over and over by Iain and his (unfortunately also deceived) promotions assistant that they’d both be done by then. Since then we have heard and seen the most intense deceit and lies most of us have ever experienced in our lives. There has been fake email chains, fake invoices, fake tracking numbers, pressing plants that had never heard of our releases, real flight numbers that were never boarded, as well as numerous sob stories revolving around schizophrenia, hospitalisation, dead fathers and ex-girlfriends.”

You can read Ironhide’s full statement here.

Co-owner and the also decieved Alex Bailey from Six Nightmares has released a statement which you can read in full here.

If you are in Australia be sure to support Ironhide and Totally Unicorn while they get back on their feet. Go to a show, buy a shirt, buy a CD (straight from the band) and donate to help them get back to square one. The bands kick off the “Get Chilled or Tie Dyin” tour together this weekend. Check out the dates here and swing them a tenner.

“Hi everybody,

It saddens me to say that some people aren’t always as genuine as they make out to be. It appears that my “business partner”, Iain Gilbert, who was in charge of the Ironhide and Totally Unicorn pressings, has not made any attempts to go forth with these orders. I have tried to contact him many times over the last few days, and as of today his phone is disconnected and his Facebook account deleted.

I wish there was something I could say but I am truly lost for words. I presumed he was a genuine friend and that this was something he was passionate about pursuing. Clearly, I was wrong.

Although these presses were “organised” by Iain, I want to let everyone know that if they have any questions or queries regarding anything then they are more than welcome to send me a message to my personal account and I will do my best to help where I can.

As for now, all I can suggest is that everyone who has pre-ordered a record get in touch with Paypal and lodge a complaint against the order for user [email protected]

This is highly disappointing. Starting this label was like a dream come true, and now it has all gone down the toilet (along with someone who I thought was one of my best friends).

As of today, Six Nightmares is no more (even though it feels like it never really was now).

As I said, if anybody wants any questions answered then do not hesitate to PM me.

I would like to send my sincerest apologies to the bands. This was something that we were all very passionate about and I’m still coming to terms with what’s happened. A massive apology also to those who have pre-ordered the records. Be sure to demand your money back.


Alex ”

I cannot speak for Dying Scene but personally, this is the kind of activity that ruins the scene and all the hard work other people do to support it. These are both hardworking bands who need all the support that they can get and this kind of activity is devastating and can possibly jeopardize the future of the collective.  Local bands make debit not money anyway so to hear there are people out there doing this kind of thing is heartbreaking.

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