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DS Album Review: Pinoles – Just Wanna

Ramonescore: a campy sub-genre of a sub-genre, paying tribute to a legendary band that helped birth that very sub-genre. Bands who participate in the act of Ramones worship typically play light-hearted, upbeat songs about drinking, girls, and drinking because of girls. Some people appreciate Ramonescore for what it is. Others write it off as vacuous, […]

DS Album Review: Hayley & The Crushers – “Modern Adult Kicks”

It’s summer in 2002 and it’s about to be golden hour while you lay on your bed staring at the ceiling. You are dwelling on some fight you had with your mom. Every friend you have is out having fun or on vacation- unreachable by phone and you’re swearing off each and every one of […]

DS Photo Gallery: Dave Hause and the Mermaid, Jordyn Shellhart in Nashville, TN 8.17.22

I’ve been hooked on Dave Hause for several years now. It was Hause and Brian Fallon that both opened a whole new world of punk that I previously had no idea even existed. The folk/ Americana genre, comprised of Tim Barry, Dan Andriano, Chuck Ragan and the likes, that I have now come to love […]

Laura Jane Grace Live 1

DS Photo Gallery: Laura Jane Grace w/Planning for Burial & Everlasting Light – The Raccoon Motel, Davenport, IA (9/4/22)

Laura Jane Grace is best known for her punk rock band Against Me! and being one of the first well-known punk rock musicians to publicly come out as transgender. Grace released her powerful folk punk debut solo album Stay Alive in October 2020 through Polyvinyl Record Co. and her second solo EP At War with the Silverfish in September […]

Dying Scene Record Radar: New punk vinyl releases & reissues (Less Than Jake, The Manges, No Fun At All & more)

Hello friends, and welcome back to the Dying Scene Record Radar! If you missed me, sorry – things have been a bit crazy lately, between Dying Scene undergoing continued renovations, and my miserable job pulling me away from my extracurricular efforts. But I’m back again, with a bunch of new colorful plastic discs you may […]